Saturday, 26 February 2005

Trips and tours

Trips and tours that are currently in the wind for a future date are:

* Egypt and Jordan (or you can do one or the other or both) in April
* Writing tour of Italy (tour of literary locales + writing workshops)
* possible shorter trips to warm places (eg Vanuatu)

If you'd like to come on any of the trips, let me know and I'll send you details. If you're a non-writer and want to go on the Italian tour ... that's okay. No-one will force you to write things. It's a holiday after all. If your group would like to go somewhere special and need a particular writer/sort of writer, let me know.

A view of the Library at Alexandria, Egypt.

Welcome to the Empire of Larks

Welcome to the Empire of Larks

The Empire of Larks is the blog of Chris Mansell, Australian poet (so limited, in description because there are a lot of poets out there including Chris Mansell poets in the US and UK - greetings to you, conomials!)

This blog will consist of whatever I want to put up for public reference on any given day: pictures, notes etc. It will most probably be erratic. For a fuller discription of my work go to:

Hoping you enjoy at least some of what is put here,
best wishes

Shoalhaven Poetry Festival 2005

Probably the smallest poetry festival in the known universe, the Shoalhaven Poetry Festival is putting together the program for next year. In the past we've had readings/spoken word in the pub and cafes, workshops, in infamous Poetry Cup (modelled on the Tasmanian Poetry Cup), a reading/cruise down the Shoalhaven River, book launches, poetry postcard exhibitions, readings in wineries, new media work of various kinds etc. This year we're having it in Berry - in the Shoalhaven NSW Australia. We have had and still have a very very very tiny budget. Let me know if you'd like to come and we'll see if we can put you in. Should be fun. Usually is.

poem on the line

poem on the line
Originally uploaded by Mansell.
An abortive and difficult project has some good (small) spinoffs - one of which was a series of photos of poems on the line ... 4m long poems mounted on the hills hoist to dry - video and still. The small digital videos worked well enough to consider doing something else with the 'footage'.