Sunday, 25 October 2009

Invitation to the launch of LETTERS

You're invited to the launch of Letters - my new book of poems published by Kardoorair Press in the Chocolate Shop in Berry at 6pm on 6 November: a Friday, so a good way to end the week.

At the same time you can have a look at the results of a photographic collaboration between Will Sturgess and Greg Forsyth - which involves televisions treated with various levels of dis/respect.

Jen Saunders, artist/musician/poet, will say some words and I'll read something, and perhaps put some video poems on the wall if I'm feeling brave enough.

Come, it's sure to be a good time - Nik Broadbridge and Poppy Richardson (owners of the Choc Shop) always make it a friendly place to be.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Links for

Blusterhead ( is an information site with a lot of useful links and bits of information which I originally put up for my writing students and then it got out of hand.

I'll be checking all the links, updating and adding more shortly. So, if your magazine has a site, your book has a site, or you have a personal site which is writing-related email me at or and I'll look at it with a view to putting it in. Not everything will get in probably but I'll try. (It's free btw.)

The What's on will be disabled because I update irregularly.

If you have ideas that would be good for a different info section to replace What's on which doesn't change every ten minutes, let me know. All writing-related of course.

I must be insane to keep this going.

Friday, 6 February 2009

PressPress Chapbook Award

It's hot where I am - though I've been getting news of those struggling with the snow elsewhere - and it looks as though the chapbook award is hotting up too. The entries are flowing in. This is good, rather than having a lot of administration at the last minute as people, naturally, fling things over the deadline (end of May 09).

It's exciting but all the entries have to wait so that they can go through the judging process together to allow fair comparison (they're all judged 'blind' ie without identifying the poet on the manuscript itself).

Response to Carolyn Fisher's winning chapbook has been very positive. She's organised a number of launches in Tasmania which I get reports about. After Carolyn's was published the long-awaited chapbook from Alison Thompson Slow Skipping came out.

Alison is from my own locality (ie boondocks) so I was very pleased about that. It's rare. Half of the titles originate from the Northern Territory or Tasmania.

In fact, one of the runners up for the Chapbook Award was also published - and was from the Northern Territory. This was Jennifer Mills with Treading Earth. I love this book. It has the qualities of the landscape it was written in. Have a look.

The next title will be different and is posing some production problems which might delay it. We shall overcome. There will also be another exciting opportunity in the second half of the year - but first, let us survive the 2009 Chapbook Award!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

New PressPress title out now!

Have a look at Jennifer Mills' Treading Earth - the newest chapbook from PressPress.