Friday, 30 December 2005

Tim Thorne's review of Mortifications & Lies in Famous Reporter

Go to Tim Thorne's incisively intelligent review of Mortifications & Lies. It's interesting that those who have seen the works performed and then read them (see also Paul Cliff's review below) understand best how the poems in this book go. Many thanks to Ralph Wessman and his Famous Reporter.

Interview with Anne Kellas in Famous Reporter

Ralph Wessman has been putting up back issues of Famous Reporter on line ... including this ancient interview by Tasmanian poet Anne Kellas.

poem about the road

Watch the video
This poem exists in quite a few forms (page poem, performance version, visual/prose version and this is one). It makes distortion, partial understanding, ambient noise etc part of the 'performance' of the work and draws into question the level of understanding needed to understaind.

the general becomes

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Watch the video
A video poem which uses sound/rhythm to destabilise meaning.

the word

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An experment using anticipation and association. Uses the form of an early 'language' (not L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E) lesson.

Saturday, 24 December 2005

After the run

After a long time organising, earning a living (talk talk talk) and writing, after far too long on other people's topic and carting things around and putting up with an extraordinary amount of invective from one apparently in the throes of a nervous breakdown (I surmise), after being all things to all people, I gave myself a holiday and, it being Christmas Eve, I find that, in fact work is my great holiday and I have taken refuge in prose.