Friday, 23 June 2006

Fickle Brat now available from CD Baby

Fickle Brat was put out by IP is an audio + text CD - and now available from CD Baby as well as directly from IP. Soon to be available from iTunes as well. A good way to distribute poetry and IP is to be congratulated on this move.

Monday, 12 June 2006

One day, this time

When I should have been doing other things, I spent some of the time updating Blusterhead and, though there is much listed, each entry simply points to the fact that there is less listed than I would like to have. This site could take over my life. But there are poems to be written and various prose projects to be avoided.

Reading at Huskisson at the Promenade Cafe for breakfast last Sunday through the rain and the cold went well. Had the privilege of reading with Deb Evelyn, Alison Thompson, Jen Saunders and Colleen Duncan (who organised the event for See Change) and others.

While thinking about poetics, editing a ms - the sound of the shakuhachi in my budded ears - I want to go back to the autobiography of Cellini I have been reading. To be lazy on a winter's night. Nothing better.

Friday, 2 June 2006


QuickMuse is a great idea. Totally fascinating to a practising poet. See Pinsky, Muldoon and others write a poem to a set topic in a limited time in real time...that is with hesitations, corrections, backtracks, additions, as it happens, unfolding before your eyes. I love this. Poets you don't like are as interesting as those you do, but it's great to watch the writing process actually happening. I'm a fan of poet's manuscripts and revisions, so this really blew me away.