Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Orpheus evolves in Brisbane | The Australian

Something to be explored:

WHEN hundreds of people gather at Brisbane's South Bank on Friday afternoon for an outdoor opera called iOrpheus, they'll be witnessing more than one marriage.

There's the wedding, of course, of the mythological hero Orpheus and his bride Eurydice, before the gods deliver the lovers a terrible blow. In the telling, too, iOrpheus combines antique and modern musical ideas: Monteverdi's 400-year-old opera L'Orfeo, and the six-year-old digital music player, the iPod. Both revolutionised the experience of music, but it's unlikely they have been brought together before in such an elaborate project.

iOrpheus potentially involves a cast of hundreds: jazz and opera singers, percussion ensembles from the Queensland Conservatorium, didgeridoos and trombones, sound installation artists, DJs and keyboard players, and as many people with iPods and mobile phones as can be accommodated.

Orpheus evolves in Brisbane | The Australian

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