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The new Big Bridge is out now!

is pleased to announce its 2008 issue.
It includes:

Up By The Maritime Museum
Poem by Nathaniel Tarn; Drawings by Nancy Victoria Davis


Exhaustive anthology and commentary on the Berkeley Poetry Scene of the 1960s; some writers went on to become major figures; others set up a unique dispensarion of their own
Edited with Commentery by Rychard Denner

Book-length study of community of poets just north of San Francisco from the mid 60s to mid 80s, many of whom went on to play major roles in the literary modes that followed throughout the century
by Kevin Opstedal

Spritely and diverse anthology of women living in the San Francisco Bay area today
edited by Katherine Hastings

On The Publication of Philip Whalen's COLLECTED POEMS
Celebration of the Collected poems of one of the most important American poets to emerge at mid century. One of the original Beats, his poems do not age or become dated, as this ample selection of commentary, poems, and appreciations makes clear.
Commentary and poems by: Dale Smith, David Schneider, Karl Young, Neeli Cherkovski, Brian Howlett, Ron Silliman, John Tarrant, Tom Clark, Anne Waldman, and David Meltzer.
Edited by Dale Smith

Poems by Philip Whalen; Photographs by Aram Saroyan:
Saroyan took photos of children more or less his own age while travelling in Europe with his father. He sent them to Whalen who wrote poems based on them.

Poems, essays, comments, and hyper-text art against war.

First Impressions of
Selected Poems of Kitasono Katue
For most readers in the west, Japanese poetry of the 20th Century remains almost if not completely unknown. Yet it had its Avant Gardists comparable to Ezra Pound, Kenneth Rexroth, and Kenneth Patchen (to mention three who saw Kitasono as a peer. Kitasono foreshadowed most concerns and methods of western poets, from Concrete to Language Poetry to the PhotoPoetry emerging today decades before his western counterparts. This gathering respresents initial responses to the first large and easily available selection of his work.
Comments by: Aysegül Tözeren, Anny Ballardini, Susan Smith Nash, Carlos M. Luis, and Dan Waber

Poems of Mahmoud Darwish; Translated by Omnia Amin and Rick London
Generally considered the most important contemporary Palestinian Poet, this selection of poems shows a poet steeped in a great tradition dealing with contemporary issues, and doing so outside of stereotypes and predictable misconceptions

a d.a.levy satellite
Still controversial 39 years after his death, levy is finally emerging as a major American poet, inovator, publisher, and influence. This widly diverse collection of responses gives a sense of his range and his appeal to audiences of all sorts.
Comments by T.L.Kryss, Joel Lipman, Ingrid Swanberg, Karl Young, Dan Waber, Stephen Nelson, Joshua Gage, jon beacham, John Oliver Simon, Richard Krech, Geoffrey Cook, and Charles Potts.
Edited by Ingrid Swanberg and Karl Young

Nathaniel Tarn: quatre poèmes; traduction : Auxéméry
French translations of some of Tarn's best-known poems

A California Trip: Salutations from Ira Cohen —
Two Spontaneous Odes and a Photo of Terri Carrion

Ira Cohen in Hungarian

A Retrospective of the Publication Work of Karl Young, Part 3


The Convergence of Then and When: A Game Without Rules
by Jane Dalrymple-Hollo

Spitzer Breakdown
A Reading of a Poster by Jim Spitzer

La Femme Mecanique
Photo Art by Johnathan Kane

Family Photos: Beats In Winter
by Larry Keenan

The Fine Art of Conversation
Collaborative art by Brian Howlett and Associates

Memories of Vali Myers

Waning Moon – March 20, 2003
In Memoriam Carl J. Young
by Karl Young, Jr.


Fiction by Chris Wells, Paul A. Toth, Roberta Allen, Ann Bogle, Stephen-Paul Martin, Tsipi Keller, Tsipi Keller, Marc Lowe, Richard Martin, Mel Freilicher, Fisher Thompson, Nickolay Todorov, Paul Kahn Lou Rowan, and Jordan Zinovich.


Reviews of:
Vali Myers, Joanne Kyger, Alice Notley, Judith Roche, Allan Weisbecker, Lou Rowan,
James Broughton, Jack Foley, Jeffrey Side, William Allegrezza, and Raymond Bianchi

Reviewed by: Allan Graubard, Kirpal Gordon, Stephen Vincent, Allan Davies, Lynn Coffin, Mary Sands Woodbury, James Tierney, Katherine Hastings, Jake Berry, Michael Schumacher, T. Hibbard

Malcolm McNeil
Interviewed by Larry Sawyer
with some of McNeill's graphic collaborations with
William S. Burroughs

Vernon Frazer
Interviewed by Ric Cafagna

Lou Rowan
Interviewed by Dominic Aulisio


Index of poems by more than 138 writers, including

War Papers Poetry (2) includes poems by:

Keith Wilson, Robert Sward, Rebecca Kavaler, Harriet Green, Tad Richards, Jennifer Compton, Joel Solonche, Chris Mansell, Steve Dalachinsky, Jéanpaul Ferro, Hugh Fox, H. Palmer Hall, Louis Armand, Gay Partington Terry, John M. Bennett, Paul C. Howell, Eileen Tabios, Harriet Zinnes, Philip Metres, Ruth Lepson, Edward Field, Susan Donnelly, Neil Nelson, Larissa Shmailo, Hal Sirowitz, Laura Lentz, Jeffrey Beam, Frank Parker, Alan Sondheim, Murat Nemet-Nijat, Sheila Black, Barbara Crooker, Richard Kostelanetz, Rodney Nelson, Karen Alkalay-Gut, Patricia Valdata, Sybil Kollar, Mark Pawlak, David Howard, Marcus Bales, Jose Padua, Patrick John Green, John Bradley, Kent Johnson, CL Bledsoe, Joseph Somoza, Martha Deed, Lisa Sewell, Hugh Seidman, Sheila E. Murphy, e k rzepka, Harris Schiff, Bobby Byrd, Clarinda Harriss, mIEKAL aND, Jayne Lyn Stahl, Rachel Loden, Jorn Ake, Paul E. Nelson, Alexander Jorgensen, Helen Duberstein, Michael Heller, Georgios Tsangaris, Stephen Vincent, Michael Maggiotto, Marthe Reed, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Ana Doina, James Scully, Glenn R. McLaughlin, and Ray Craig

Berkeley Daze includes poems by:

Luis Garcia, Belle Randall, Helen Breger, Ron Loewinsohn, David Bromige, Gail Dusenbery, Gene Fowler, Jim Thurber, David Meltzer, Doug Palmer Facino, John Bennett, John the Poet Thomson, Rychard Denner, Julia Vinograd the Bubble Lady, Larry Kerschner, Charles Potts, Joel Walderman, Harold Adler, Richard Krech, Michael Upton, Ron Silliman, Doug Palmer, Patricia Parker, Martin P. Abramson, Richard Denner, Gene Fowler, Norm Moser, Charles Potts, De Leon Harrison, John Thomson, John Oliver Simon, Andy Clausen, Jefferson D. Hils, Richard Krech, Jack Foley, Al Masarik, Kay Okrand, James Koller, David Cole, Thanasis Maskaleris, Sister Mary Norbert, Lennart Bruce, Marianne Baskin, Hillary Ayer Fowler, Sam Thomas, D.R. Hazelton, and Jim Wehalage

An Anthology of Bay Area Women Writers includes poems by:

Mary-Marcia Casoley, Sharon Doubiago, Adelle Foley, Judy Grahn, Susan Griffin, Katherine Hastings, Beatriz Lagos, devorah major, Tennessee Reed, Nellie Wong, Leslie Scalapino, and Maw Shien Win




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